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"Fortress Distribution name its popular products"

Stay ahead of the competition by keeping up to speed with the latest products

that are selling well within the aftermarket. This month, Fortress Distribution

highlights a selection of products that could make a difference.



Customers wanting a tough, durable and high quality disposable glove that still allows dexterity for precise tasks need look no further. These all-black gloves meet the demands of automotive and industrial users with the added benefit that the colour helps to hide dirt, grime and grease to increase overall product lifetime and value. ‘Made to grip, not slip’ with a textured Grip Rite external finish, Black Mamba gloves offer a secure and tactile grip whilst providing sensitivity for delicate, precise tasks, as required by automotive mechanics. At over 6.0 mils thick, the Black Mamba nitrile glove offers a superior fit and better puncture, abrasion, and chemical resistance than standard disposable gloves.

The long-term effects of chemical exposure from cleaners and solvents, together with the unsightly problem of filthy hands and nails, is convincing mechanics to turn to disposable gloves.



The Black Mamba Torque Grip is a powder free nitrile disposable glove designed with a unique Torque Grip pattern over the entire hand area to optimise surface performance and allow outstanding grip at all times. Targeted at the automotive market, the glove provides an effective barrier against oils, acids and other chemicals. The glove is ideal for use during servicing, oil changes, battery replacement, painting and many other routine automotive tasks.

At 6.25 mils thick with 10.25 mils raised Torque Grip, the gloves provide exceptional resistance to tears and punctures. The cuff is beaded, further adding to its strength and preventing liquid roll back.

The Torque Grip glove also comes with a point of sale ready unit that only takes a minimal amount of space on trade counters and retail shelves. The unit offers motor factors a great opportunity to increase revenue from add-on sales to both professional mechanics and car enthusiasts alike.


The recently launched Mamba Mechanics gloves come with a form-fitting DryWorx back, with vented fingers to help keep hands cool and comfortable. A flexible Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) closure provides a secure fit to the wrist with Industrial grade hook and loop

for speedy removal. A double-stitched reinforced index finger construction adds increased

durability and a seamless synthetic leather palm provides optimal dexterity. The gloves are

machine-washable making them longer lasting.

This glove has many uses, including engine swaps, mechanical teardowns and general under the bonnet work. The Mamba Mechanics gloves are also resistant to most chemicals, making them a great non-disposable choice for mechanics.

For more information about Fortress Distribution or its full line of products,

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